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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubHCA: A1 GradeHCA: A3 GradeHCA: Under 12HCA: Under 122HCA: A2 GradeHCA: Under 10HCA: Under 102HCA: T20 opt-in CompHCA: A1 GradeHCA: A3 GradeHCA: Under 12HCA: Under 122HCA: A2 GradeHCA: Under 10HCA: Under 102HCA: T20 opt-in Comp
Bailey, DavidUraidla Cricket Club0007000000070000
Bassett, ThomasUraidla Cricket Club9000000090000000
Bills, JackUraidla Cricket Club0300100003001000
Blake, LachlanUraidla Cricket Club0007000000070000
Bond, George AUraidla Cricket Club5000000050000000
Brown, Dylan RUraidla Cricket Club4000000040000000
Brumby, BenUraidla Cricket Club8000000080000000
Brumby, MicahUraidla Cricket Club5000100050001000
Carter, Aaron JUraidla Cricket Club0000600000006000
Clark, StevanUraidla Cricket Club0400000004000000
Clarke-rantasa, JamieUraidla Cricket Club0700000007000000
Clarke-Rantasa, JarradUraidla Cricket Club0700000007000000
Crabb, CharlieUraidla Cricket Club0007000000070000
Crabb, KalebUraidla Cricket Club0400300004003000
Dal Cin, LorenzoUraidla Cricket Club0070000000700000
Douglas, JackUraidla Cricket Club0006000000060000
Dunn, PaulUraidla Cricket Club0500000005000000
Edgecomb, Andrew DUraidla Cricket Club0400000004000000
Freer , RileyUraidla Cricket Club0010000000100000
Freer, BenUraidla Cricket Club0100000001000000
Freer, BrockUraidla Cricket Club0070000000700000
Gadomski-Mott, FelixUraidla Cricket Club0200000002000000
Gaetan, Renzo PUraidla Cricket Club9000000090000000
Garrigan, Jason PUraidla Cricket Club0500000005000000
Gepp, ThomasUraidla Cricket Club1000400010004000
Gesti, AugustineUraidla Cricket Club0007000000070000
Gubbin, KarlUraidla Cricket Club0006000000060000
Heptinstall, Alex JUraidla Cricket Club9000000090000000
Higginson, Angus JUraidla Cricket Club0100400001004000
Hill, TomUraidla Cricket Club0070000000700000
Hunter, Ryan JUraidla Cricket Club1000600010006000
Jansink, SamUraidla Cricket Club0050000000500000
Kellaway, ConnorUraidla Cricket Club0070000000700000
Kha, JamieUraidla Cricket Club2300100023001000
Main, JosephUraidla Cricket Club0070000000700000
Makings, Mitchell BUraidla Cricket Club8000000080000000
McDonough, DanielUraidla Cricket Club0800100008001000
McDonough, JamillUraidla Cricket Club0000600000006000
McDonough, KarimUraidla Cricket Club0006000000060000
McInnis, JamesUraidla Cricket Club0100000001000000
Osborn, HarryUraidla Cricket Club0070000000700000
Parker, EvanUraidla Cricket Club0500000005000000
Parker, Michael BUraidla Cricket Club9000000090000000
Parker, SimonUraidla Cricket Club8000000080000000
Pearse, Matthew JUraidla Cricket Club2000600020006000
Proctor, Tom LUraidla Cricket Club0800000008000000
Purdie, BenUraidla Cricket Club0100100001001000
Purdie, JackUraidla Cricket Club0000500000005000
Ricciotti, DanielUraidla Cricket Club0300000003000000
Richards, James TUraidla Cricket Club0000300000003000